Ruby Hacking Guide

Table of contents

Some chapters are previews. It means they have not been fully reviewed, some diagrams may be missing and some sentences may be a little rough. But it also means they are in open review, so do not hesitate to address issues.

Part 1: Objects

Part 2: Syntax analysis

Part 3: Evaluation

Part 4: Around the evaluator

About this Guide

This is a new effort to gather efforts to help translate Ruby Hacking Guide into English.

The official support site of the original book is

You can download the version of the source code explained and the tool used in the book from the official support site of the original book.

The original translating project is hosted at RubyForge

Many thanks to RubyForge for hosting us and to Minero AOKI for letting us translate his work.

You can get further information about this project from the archives of rhg-discussion mailing list

There is an old SVN repo, that is hosted at The RubyForge project page is It has been imported here, and I will attempt to give credit and re-write the SVN/Git history when I can.

As for now the contributors to that repo were: